I am Rev. Deborah Evans Hogan and have been studying vibrational healing modalities since 1992 when I was originally initiated in Usui Reiki through the humble & amazing Master, John Harvey Gray. Since that first class I have experienced multiple initiations and earned many certificates for my ever expanding awakening of multi dimensional knowledge. During this early period of my transformation I was also consciously healing my body temple of a precancerous cervical dysplasia condition, all successful without mainstream intervention - so much so, my own gynocologist closed her practice here in New England and moved her young children and husband to New Mexico to "find out how you did it." 

After years of a very successful private practice, teaching REIKI I, becoming certified in Levels II and III (Dr. Robert DesMaris) and the opening of two healing centers, I became a REIKI Master teacher in 1997 through Masters Linda Boyle & Michael Bean. The same year I was ordained as an interfaith minister through the Universal Brotherhood.   (Between 8/8/96 - 4/14/97, my partner and I moved, then we got married, my father and father in law died within a few weeks of one another and our cat died the day after my father in law passed and my mother died 4/14. Also in 1997 May, my son graduated high school , I opened my second healing center.)  

REIKI and all energy healing modalities support your mind, heart & body temple to align fully with its True Identity as a Child of this Divine & Perfect Universe designed through the Divine Architect, bringing you into full alignment with your beautiful,  amazing Self, where your innate perfection is expressed.                                                                                                             



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